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I recently ran into someone at a conference who said, "a lot of research dies in Graduate students laptops" (it was actually this scientist right here). So I decided to go through all of my stuff, organize it a little bit and make it public.

This is my research journal of various topics that I'm working with. My research is mostly in using Machine learning methods in various applications of remote sensing, ocean and climate sciences. I focus on three factors:

  • Data Representation - We know that spatial-temporal information is important; can we effectively capture this in ML models?
  • Modeling Uncertainty - Which ML models allow us to capture any facets of uncertainty (input, model, output) in our models.
  • Similarity Measures - What is similarity and how are we able to measure it using ML?

These are very difficult questions but I think they are very helpful for the community in general. The predominant algorithms of interest include kernel methods like Gaussian Processes (GPs) and Invertible Flows like Gaussianization Flows (GFs) for density and dependence estimation.

Some other things you'll find are:

  • Python and good coding practices
  • Remote Computing and efficiency hacks
  • I hoard a lot of links...
  • Deep Learning in practice
  • Eventually some blog posts...

My Appendices

My notes that I have been accumulating over the years. These will eventually go into my thesis, current/future publications and hopefully I'll master it enough to teach to someone one day.

My Talks

Some talks that I have done along with code and slides.

My Resources

My resources for all things python and tech. I like to tinker with different packages so I try to document my findings.

My Projects

My projects that I am involved in mostly related to academia.

My Thesis

My Thesis and everything related to it. I decided to compile all of my notes in markdown and of course the final product will be available in LaTeX format.

My Tutorials

I do like to give back to the community. So I have compiled some tutorials that will hopefully be helpful to other people.

My Snippets

I write lots of bits of code everywhere and it tends to be disorganized. I'm trying to organize my bits of code everywhere into digestable snippets; kind of like a personal reference.

My Blogs

Nothing here yet. But I have some ideas about which blogs I'd like to do.